503 Service Unavailable error vCenter 6.5

By | June 30, 2019

503 Service Unavailable error vCenter 6.5 – Failed to connect to end point. This is the error received while I’m trying to connect to the vSphere web client.

Here is the complete error –

503 Service Unavailable (Failed to connect to endpoint: [class Vmacore::Http::NamedPipeServiceSpec:0x00000054e11c82d0] _serverNamespace = / action = Allow _pipeName =\\.\pipe\vmware-vpxd-webserver-pipe)

I’ve immediately logged into the SQL database server and checked the drive space where the respective vCenter database resides on. The drive has required free space available.

And next, logged into the vCenter server (Windows 2012) to check the vCenter logs. The below logs that I’ve started checking –

vpxd log (d:\ProgramData\VMware\vCenterServer\logs\vmware-vpx\vpxd-xxx.txt file)

When I looked at the logs, I found the below error –

503 Service Unavailable error vCenter 6.5 – Shutting down the VC as there is not enough free space for the Database

503 Service Unavailable error vCenter 6.5

It means, it is clearly showing that, there is no free space available in the SQL database. However, when I looked at the database drive, it is required space available.

Next, I ran the below command in the Windows vCenter server (you need log in with your credentials and then run the command with admin rights), to know status of the vCenter services –
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service-control –status –all

After running the above command, I found that, vpxd service in stopped state. The vpxd service keep crashing and this is very tricky situation.

Later I found an VMware KB article related the above said error –


This article helped me to fix the issue. I’ll explain, how this has fixed the error. I’ve followed the below steps –

Microsoft SQL Server

  1. Log in to the Microsoft SQL Server machine as an administrator.
  2. Download and save the 2110031_MS_SQL_task_event_stat.sql script attached to this Knowledge Base article.
  3. Open the command prompt and run the script:

sqlcmd -S IP-address-or-FQDN-of-the-database-machine\instance_name -U vCenter-Server-database-user -P password -d database-name -v TaskMaxAgeInDays=task-days -v EventMaxAgeInDays=event-days -v StatMaxAgeInDays=stat-days -i download-path\2110031_MS_SQL_task_event_stat.sql

And also found one more useful VMware KB article that talks about how to troubleshoot vCenter issues, here is the link – https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/67818

It will take about 30-40 mins depends on the database size. The above given SQL command will help to fix the SQL database table issues. After that, 503 Service Unavailable error vCenter 6.5 – Failed to connect to end point error got fixed.

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